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From EarthLink to NetZero, hundreds of service providers are adopting ILD's simple, safe and secure payment alternative to credit cards, to increase conversions, lift subscribers and simplify the check-out experience for their customers. ILD's "Bill To Phone" service works within a merchant's existing payment infrastructure and is easy to integrate.

Bill To Phone payment alternativeMany potential customers are reluctant to share credit card information over the web or over the phone, ultimately causing a loss of sales for merchants. Now, ILD Teleservices can allow your customers to charge your products or services to their phone bill, instead of using a credit card or opening an account with your business by using other personal information.

Additionally, ILD can handle your non-credit card billing and back-office support with its domestic US service center.

How to become a merchant partner

Our professional sales staff will walk you through each step of the sign up process.

ILD Teleservices’ experienced Client Relations team will obtain approvals from each telephone company to bill through their processes.

After becoming a partner, ILD’s Regulatory and Validation teams will monitor your operations and revenue results. These teams will assist in making minor adjustments to minimize your exposure to bad debt and maximize your revenue opportunity.

Offer your customer’s the Bill to Phone alternative payment option and start seeing revenue lift. Let’s get started today!

For more information about Bill to Phone Charge payouts from ILD or to request more information about how to become a Bill to Phone merchant partner, contact ILD Teleservices.

What is Bill To Phone?

Bill To Phone payment alternativeFind out how Bill To Phone can improve your conversion rates and save you money.


Bill To Phone for Merchants

Read about how merchants can offer their customers quick and convenient alternative payment options at check out.


See How Bill To Phone Works

Bill To Phone

Check out our visual map that shows how ILD processes payments to your phone bill.


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