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ILD provides payment processing and clearing, business process outsourcing, operator services and conferencing solutions to communications providers, digital merchants, internet service providers, and other enterprises. ILD's core products include Bill to Phone and other alternative payment solutions, outsourced operator call center solutions, and audio and web conferencing services. Read more

company history

Founded in 1996, ILD Teleservices is a division of ILD Corp., a privately held company with over 300 employees in offices across America. ILD has steadily grown year over year to become a leader in the alternative payment processing industry providing a convenient, simple and secure bill to phone payment alternative to more than 200 merchants and a network of 1,400 phone companies. ILD currently processes over 120 million billing transactions per year.

ild merchant and charge verification process

Background Investigations
Before beginning to work with any merchant customer, ILD conducts a comprehensive background search on the merchant customer, its officers and owners. We also utilize an independent third-party background investigator to re-examine the merchant customer, its officers, owners and business information. Additionally, prior to accepting a merchant as a phone billing customer, ILD collects data on the merchant’s product and/ or service, the marketing and sales plan for the product and/ or service, and other pertinent company information. We then carefully review all materials and products and/ or services to ensure we are working with a reputable company, prior to submission for final review and approval by the Local Exchange Carriers.

Once we have agreed to bill for a merchant customer, we require that merchant customer to document all authorizations of charges. For example, if a consumer signs up for Internet service over the phone, we require the Internet service provider to record that consumer’s authorization of the charges through a third-party verification service. That third-party verification service is paid by the number of recordings, not by whether or not a consumer authorizes a transaction.

Complaint Resolution
ILD takes all consumer complaints very seriously. With a billing telephone number, ILD can quickly investigate a charge and explain the charges to the consumer. ILD often credits consumers whose charges were in fact authorized, but are unhappy with those charges, to ensure satisfaction. If the charge was not authorized, ILD will rectify the situation with the consumer and Telephone Company. If a consumer has a question about their phone bill, they can call our Resolution Center at (800) 433-4518 or visit www.ildteleservices.com where a self help resolution alternative is provided. If you have further questions regarding ILD’s policies or concerns about any stories referencing ILD, we would be happy to discuss them with you. Please feel free to contact AskILD@ildmail.com or call 904-273-2440 and ask to speak with Media Relations.

Top FAQs

Who is ILD?

ILD is a payment processor of transactions between merchants and consumers. Using ILD's Bill to Phone service, merchants can offer customers the option of billing products and services directly to their home phone bill, allowing them to make purchases without having to disclose credit card information or open an account with that merchant.

Why is ILD on my phone bill?

When ILD Teleservices appears on your phone bill, it means that either you or someone in your household may have signed up for services through one of our merchant-customers, which then authorized ILD to place the merchant’s charge on your phone bill. If for any reason you disagree with the charges or have not been able to resolve questions to your complete satisfaction, we want to know. Please contact us and we will help you find resolution.

When is Customer Service available?

Customer support specialists are available from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Central Standard Time Monday through Friday. An ILD associate will research the telephone bill to investigate charges and help resolve any problems. Customer Service can be reached by phone at (800) 433-4518.


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