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Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions, but if your question isn't listed or you're not sure about something, then please call us at (800) 433-4518.

Who is ILD?

ILD is a leading payment processor of online transactions between merchants and consumers. Using ILD's Bill To Phone service, merchants can offer customers the option of billing products and services directly to their home phone bill, allowing them to make purchases without having to disclose credit card information or open an account with that merchant.

Why is ILD on my phone bill?

When ILD Teleservices appears on your phone bill, it means that either you or someone in your household may have signed up for services through one of our merchant-customers, which then authorized ILD to place the merchant’s charge on your phone bill. If for any reason you disagree with the charges or have not been able to resolve questions to your complete satisfaction, we want to know. Please contact us and we will help you find resolution.

When is Customer Service available?

Customer support specialists are available from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. An ILD associate will research the telephone bill to investigate charges and help resolve any problems. Customer Service can be reached by phone at (800) 433-4518.

How can I find out who my service provider is?

The name of your service provider should be listed under ILD Teleservices on your phone bill. Usually, it states "ILD Teleservices. Billed on behalf of…"

What services does ILD provide?

ILD provides a Bill To Phone service for its merchant-customers that allows them to offer customers the option of charging products and services directly to their phone bill, without having to disclose credit card information or open an account with the merchant by sharing other personal information online.

How does ILD protect consumers from cramming?

ILD is intolerant of cramming, and adheres to a strict set of procedures to ensure its merchant-customers are operating in an ethical and straightforward manner.

Before ILD accepts a merchant as its customer, that merchant must successfully pass ILD's rigorous screening process, which includes extensive background checks as well as a detailed review of its marketing plan. The merchant must go through an additional screening process conducted by the local telephone company before the phone companies will allow charging for any merchant's products or services on their customers' phone bills.

ILD continually monitors ongoing operations of its merchants and closely examines their customer satisfaction levels; ILD takes immediate action, which may include termination of the service provider's agreement with ILD, if a merchant-customer generates excessive complaint levels.

How can I stop 3rd party billing on my phone bill?

You can block it with ILD just for ILD, or you can request a bill block for all third party billing from your local phone company. Most telephone companies refer to it as a "bill block" but if you describe it as a block for all third party billing, the phone company should understand your request.

Why don't merchants just work directly with local phone companies? Why the third party?

It is extremely costly for merchants to independently set up billing with Local Exchange Carriers (local phone companies). As a result, many merchants choose to outsource their non-credit card billing and back-office support to third party providers.

Is there a demand for alternative payment methods?

Along with it being a safer alternative, nearly 25% of the U.S. population doesn't have a credit card. Not surprisingly, research by Jupiter Research found that over 60% of consumers would prefer local phone bill or broadband billing for charging small purchases. ILD is one of the leading providers of alternative payment methods for businesses looking to reach this consumer segment.

Why does it take one to two billing cycles to receive a refund?

ILD submits the credit to your local phone company within 7 days. Your local phone company must process the credit through their billing system with millions of other records, and then print and mail your statement. If the credit is received from ILD after they have closed the billing cycle, the credit is held for the following cycle. For example, if you were issued a credit on May 1 and your billing cycle ends on the 3rd of every month, then your local phone company may not have enough time to process the credit. Therefore your credit will be held for the following billing cycle.

Can I provide additional information or evidence to help resolve a claim or chargeback case?

Yes. Please contact us with any additional information that you think will help resolve this matter.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can either contact the merchant that charged you or contact us. We will notify the merchant of your cancellation.

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